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Pune parents fly down Cardiff chef to coach Daughter..

A chef and dietician by profession, simran has been working on the concept of molecular gastronomy, where she tweaks the molecular structure and appearance of food in the most unimaginable ways. For instance, she makes small caviar, which are pure vegetarian pearls in almost any flavour in the world, right from rose to wasabi to balsamic vinegar. Having done dietetics and nutrition, and also undergoing formal training as a chef, she is able to combine the best of the two fields. Simran’s parents managed to fly down a master in the field of molecular gastronomy, a chef from cardiff, for six months to teach her. She is also launching a health food line soon.

Inspiration: Luckily for simran, her parents who are truly her inspiration are also her biggest support system too. They noticed her inquisitiveness and creativity related to food very early in her childhood, and having understood this, it motivated her to experiment with her ideas. “That is how the whole thing began, although, my parents have been running bindra’s hospitality services, a company focused on banqueting and institutional catering for over the past two decades. Knowing that I wanted to do something slightly different, they let me do so. This would only be possible if I studied the science of molecular gastronomy. My parents managed to fly down a master in this field, a chef from cardiff, for six months to teach me. My parents have always been my guiding force, instilling in me a confidence to dream, and live them. Obviously, like most other parents, they helped me set up my restaurant- bindra's kitchen," said bindra.

Unique point : Molecular gastronomy is a fairly new concept in pune. Bindra said, “i am one of the first persons to start out with molecular gastronomy in banquets and bulk catering where we serve magical gastronomic delights to a group of 10 people up to a celebration of about 2,000 people.

Entrepreneurial tips:I would advice everyone to dream and chase your dreams. Be a star, and always let your light shine.

Nayantara grew up in pune, but went to mumbai for a degree in mass media from sophia college. Holidays and eating out with her parents always involved pit stops at various bakeries from where she would pick and choose what she wanted to try. Thomas says, “when I look back, I think it is my fondness for eating all sorts of desserts that led to my career in pastry and baking. I wanted to make my own desserts and so, I decided to pursue further studies in pastry at the iconic french culinary school, le cordon bleu (lcb).”

Gite says his parents always taught him simple things in life: to cherish, to value, to work hard and celebrate small happiness. Food was the simplest way to express happiness at every stage of life, he adds. “My parents always had a vision that education was must; they wanted international exposure for me at the right stages. After supporting me with the best education in india, they sent me for further studies abroad. They wanted me to learn, grasp, feel and then choose a path. When I came back and chose entrepreneurship, I was backed with immediate savings from my mom to start a business venture at 22. My mother being a professor, never ever questioned my dreams to be in the food and beverage industry. More than the finances, her belief in me at every stage is what helped me build a career,” gite said.

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