Dr. Gurvinder Singh Bindra

Dr. Gurvinder singh bindra stands as a prominent figure in the realm of indian culinary excellence. With an unparalleled mastery of food preparation and service, his journey spans over three decades. Commencing his remarkable trajectory at a youthful age of 24, he has traversed a remarkable path.

His prowess extends beyond culinary artistry; he is a visionary entrepreneur. This has been duly recognized through his honorary doctorate conferred by asian countries chamber of hospitality industry in 2022 in acknowledgment of his wealth of knowledge and experience. He is chairman of national association of corporate caterers. He is chairman of food processing & import export board for asian countries chamber of hospitality industry.

Originating from pune, the brand "bindra's" has transcended boundaries, making its global mark. Dr. Bindra spearheads the fulfilment of culinary needs for the us and uk armies during their joint exercises for the indian and international armies, a testament to his prowess. Under his guidance, the brand has managed the remarkable feat of serving 20,000 meals daily. Today, his expertise graces numerous institutions and corporations across india.

The journey of bindra's commenced after dr. Bindra's completion of his bachelor's degree. His expertise garnered admiration from industry leaders, a testament to his dedication. Additionally, he plays a vital role in mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs in the food industry, steering them toward success. Dr. Bindra's support extends to funding startups at the pre-series a stage, offering not only financial assistance but also invaluable guidance. Beyond numerous cafeterias strewn across cities, bindra's boasts two well-established restaurants in diverse pune locales. The brand actively participates in premium catering events spanning india's breadth.

Dr. Bindra epitomizes adaptability within ever-evolving business landscapes. In the face of covid-induced changes within the food industry, he exhibited remarkable resilience. His unwavering commitment to both business and gastronomy facilitated a swift resurgence. His exceptional attention to clients' minutest requirements contributes significantly to his triumph as a visionary businessman.


Chef Simran Bindra


A passionate chef and an enthusiastic health coach, an alumni to le cordon bleu who loves creating exquisite food using techniques of molecular gastronomy for banquets and caterings. In her opinion, food is more than just eating something delicious that may be put together by her team of exemplary cooks. Food is an amalgamation of the ambience, set up, and theatrics put together around it, to orchestrate the feeling of being transported to another location or a quaint memory so that one devours not only the flavours but also the experience. One thing that chef always strives to live up to with her work is something that she always quotes- "eat simple, healthy and delicious. Also, always eat stylish!"

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