Venues of Bindras Hospitality Services

For a city which is full of cultural diversity, it takes something special to become the most trusted caterers in Pune or one of the best restaurants in Pune. Luckily for us, we have proved ourselves worthy of such mentions, to those who have honored us - our beloved customers. Located in the calm and serene environments of Salisbury Park, we have served our customers with some of the best fine-dine experiences of their lives, along with our active tiffin services for institutions and corporates across Pune.

As one of the trusted banquets and caterers in Aurangabad, we consider ourselves lucky to be part of a myriad of cultural and corporate events in the city. It is only when one experiences this diversity of culture, that one understands the meaning of ‘Unity in Diversity’. Located in its heart, we provide the city and its people and organizations with our impeccable tiffin services in Aurangabad, as well as our institutional and corporate catering services.

Kolhapur already has recognition for a plethora of things, right from its jewelry designs to its food preparations. We are on the verge of adding ourselves to the list. With our dedicated and trusted catering services in Kolhapur, mixed with the tag of being one of the finest banquets of the city, our customers have lovingly supported us to come this far. It is no surprise today that we remain as one of the preferred tiffin service providers for institutions and companies across Kolhapur.